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5 Ways Advertising, Media and Entertainment Industries Can Use AI Voice Today

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  • AI Voice is actively being used today to change how companies create audio-based content
  • These applications cover advertising, sports, and film and TV spaces, highlighting just some of the tangible ways you can start using AI Voice
  • Veritone Voice is making the world’s audio and video content more accessible to global audiences

AI Voice, also known as synthetic voice and in less positive light as deepfake voice, is actively changing how companies approach their audio content. With advancements in technology, making it sound more human and lifelike than ever, companies can now leverage AI voice to engage with their target audience in new ways. This article will explore five ways to use AI voice today for your business.

  1. Multilingual Voiceover for Advertising

    One of the biggest benefits of AI voice technology is its ability to generate human-like speech in multiple languages. Companies can now create voiceovers for their TV, radio, and podcast advertising campaigns in different languages without hiring a different voice actor for each language. How is that possible exactly?

    With a prebuilt voice model of an approved talent’s voice, such as a voice actor, celebrity, or show host, AI can now process their voice and have them speak other languages. This ensures that you can keep the authenticity of the original person’s voice but provides the scale needed to expand to other markets.

  2. Real-time Broadcast Commentary and Promos

    AI voice technology is used today to create real-time broadcast commentary and promos for live sporting events. For the first time, broadcasters can offer the same content in multiple languages to reach a global audience without having to hire additional commentators and production crews. An example is Veritone’s partnership with Stats Perform , the sports tech leader in data and AI, which provides play-by-play, pre-game, in-game, and post-game updates in real time. In conjunction with this partnership, Veritone worked with Alan Smith, a regular co-commentator and sometimes studio pundit for Sky Sports and the Premier League coverage, to bring his voice to the project.

  3. Scene Narration and Audio Descriptions

    The rise in streaming video platforms has driven a massive increase in foreign film and show consumption. Coupled with popular shows in English that gain popularity worldwide, this presents a unique opportunity for media services companies to leverage AI voice to deliver these scene narration audio descriptions (AD) at scale,with better quality, and in multiple languages.

    Silver Trak Digital, a major APAC localization and media services company, has partnered with Veritone and OONA to do just that. Leveraging a combined solution, Silver Trak Digital can now provide synthesized voice AD across programs, making the content more accessible to those who have hearing or visual impairments.

  4. Enhanced Fan Engagement

    The ability of AI voice to capture and deliver the real voice of individuals means that audio content is becoming even more authentic. Fans of pop culture characters and athletes can engage with them in that character or person’s voice in a more personalized way.

    Cameo Kids is doing this today with Veritone Voice , offering birthday, holiday, and inspirational messages to kids in the voices of their favorite characters like Blippi, and CoComelon’s JJ, Cody, Cece and Nina, providing parents and loved ones with a way to create truly memorable experiences for their kids.

    When coupled with generative AI tools like ChatGPT, individuals and brands can create new experiences that allow fans to converse directly with their heroes.

  5. Extensibility for Celebrities, Actors, Brand Ambassadors

    AI voice technology is creating digital voice models of actors, brand ambassadors, and influencers who want to scale their voice commitments beyond what their schedules allow. These digital voice models can generate speech in the talent's voice (with their approval and governed by safeguards), providing them with new partnerships and additional revenue streams while freeing up their time to pursue other endeavors.

    In fact, one major brand is working with its top talent to leverage a verified AI voice by Veritone in all audio streaming ads across platforms. With no dip in performance, it is a “win-win-win.” The brand can create the ads at scale and on time; the talent doesn’t have to go into a studio to record each ad, and audiences still hear a familiar voice in the ads that retains the connection with the brand and talent.

    These examples are just some of the ways AI voice technology can be used today. But it’s clear that what AI voice can bring to the world of content is greater accessibility and scale while ensuring that the human element is not lost. By leveraging AI voice technology, companies can create a more humanlike experience, providing audiences with deeper and more engaging experiences.

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