Lifelike voice. Rapid scale. Endless potential.

Produce truly lifelike AI voice at unmatched speed and scale. Create content on demand using text-to-speech or speech-to-speech input. Reach new audiences in localized languages with branded voices.

Trusted by media, broadcast, and sports leaders

Unparalleled AI voice for the enterprise

Create your own custom voice models

Produce voice-over content without juggling schedules or paying for studio time. Clone voices including celebrities, sports announcers, and public figures—all you need is their consent. Create localized content on demand using text-to-speech or speech-to-speech input.

custom voice

Automate your voice efforts with enterprise workflows

Take advantage of Veritone’s proven AI expertise to optimize your voice automation output and succeed at scale. From enhancing metadata to generating dialogue, we use best-of-breed AI to deliver the best possible results from end to end.

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Integrate AI voice for a competitive edge

Extend the power of true-to-life, real-time AI voice across all your products and projects. With our world-class AI voice API, you can save valuable time and automate at scale by connecting Veritone Voice directly to any app.


Get to market faster with stock and premium AI voices

Start creating your own text-to-speech synthetic voice projects right away. Choose from more than 300 stock voices or 70 premium options for a voice your audience will recognize. Translate into over 150 languages and customize intonation, gender, dialect, and accent.

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Verified AI voices that sound human

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Real-world synthetic voice success

Veritone’s synthetic voice and translation service has enabled us to enter new markets at the network level. There is clear value in being able to seamlessly reach new audiences and rapidly expand our growth potential.

Kevin Connolly, actor, writer, director and producer
 Action park

We have gone from two weeks’ audio description production time for a feature movie to one using Veritone Voice. With upcoming enhancements, that one week will become four days. We have seen ROI already and have had the ability to take on more projects. It’s unbelievable how good this has been for us after using Veritone Voice for less than six months.

Tim Creswell, Silver Trak CEO
Silver treak

Veritone Voice has opened a whole new door for us. We have an answer to our core challenge—how can we get this content in front of a global audience at scale and with minimal cost in both time and resources? Veritone removes the barrier of language fluency to maximize the reach of my voice and message, and build communities outside of English-speaking markets.

David Meltzer, The Playbook podcast host and public speaker
Kevin connolly
enterprise industries silver trak
David maltzer