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The ChatGPT Phenomenon: Generative AI and its Future with AI Voice

Ashley bailey

ASHLEY BAILEY Director of Product Marketing, AI Voice and Emerging Synthetic Technologies


  • ChatGPT skyrocketed to the top of the technology news, bringing excitement to this type of AI technology and its future applications.
  • Combining technology like ChatGPT with AI voice will lead to more intelligent and humanlike conversations in digital spaces.
  • Veritone Voice, when combined with this technology, will lead to improved and more engaging experiences across customer service, chatbots, entertainment, and more.

In November, OpenAI released ChatGPT, a powerful chatbot that responds to queries in a way that’s like a human. Since the November launch, it has remained a hot topic in the tech news space, peaking in mid-December on Google Trends for interest in the subject. But why does this have everyone’s attention? In this blog, we’ll try to demystify the excitement around the technology of ChatGPT and explain what it means for future applications of AI.

AI with Empathy

The technology of ChatGPT isn’t new. It’s an evolution of existing technology, but it’s the most advanced we’ve ever seen. And it’s highly accessible because you can start using it in minutes. Simply log in with any social account and start typing. It’s that easy, which has directly contributed to the virality of the news. In addition, it has the ability to remember the context between queries, which has been around but was previously clunky.

However, when using ChatGPT, many were surprised by its humanlike responses. But what makes it really exciting is the empathy in its responses. Why does this matter? Well, applications of models like the one used for ChatGPT open up a number of opportunities where humans can have more humanlike experiences when engaging with AI in digital experiences.

We are getting closer to AI no longer being a simple endpoint-to-endpoint response. Rather than just providing a “two plus two equals four” interaction, it can learn and provide a more nuanced response. Looking to the future means conversational AI will become closer to an actual human conversation. However, to truly make it a humanlike interaction, there’s one piece we think is essential—a human-sounding voice.

AI Voice with Tech like ChatGPT as its Head

As we’ve already seen with ChatGPT, a conversation doesn’t necessarily require a voice. We have conversations every day over SMS and DMs on platforms. But sometimes, carrying a conversation only in text becomes cumbersome and even exclusive. That’s where AI voice can step in to take the technology to the next level.

If you take a model like the one ChatGPT is based on and apply AI voice to it, it becomes completely different. Imagine receiving responses to queries in an actual human-sounding voice. That means no more canned responses, preplanned conversational paths, or robotic voice that we are so familiar with. The AI can adapt to the conversation per user and respond to them as if they were talking to a real person.

The applications for such a technology are more than just a functional purpose for companies looking to automate and improve digital engagements with customers. From customer support to more advanced chatbots on websites, the technology will clearly serve a role in that fashion. But from an entertainment perspective, it unlocks a world of possibilities.

Imagine conversing with your favorite sports player, a fictional character, or some other well-recognized personality. That’ll change digital experiences into a two-way interaction where people can do things they already do today, search for information for various things, but as if they are conversing with an Alexa or a Google Home powered by AI.

Here’s an example of what that might sound like using Veritone Voice, a lifelike AI solution that allows content creators and owners across industries to create, distribute, and monetize synthetic voices securely, and ChatGPT.

Query: What is Enterprise AI?

Below was the ChatGPT response to the prompt:

Enterprise AI refers to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies within an organization or company. This can include a wide range of applications, such as automated customer service chatbots, predictive analytics for business decision-making, and intelligent automation of tasks to improve efficiency and productivity.

The goal of Enterprise AI is to improve the performance of the organization and to make better decisions by leveraging the power of AI. This can include automating repetitive tasks, analyzing large amounts of data to uncover insights, and making predictions about future trends or events.

Below is the response combined with an AI voice:

Veritone Voice Premium AI Voice Model, Contact for details.

With that in mind, Pandologic, a Veritone company, analyzed the viability of ChatGPT in a recent blog, focusing on its impact in the recruitment space. While it showcased its ability to create sentences highlighting its sophisticated fluency and ability to understand context, it does have limitations.

The Pandologic conversational AI team is actively working to solve the concerns highlighted in the article with this type of technology. Nonetheless, the possibilities for the technology’s application are extremely exciting and open up a world of possibilities as the technology continues to evolve.

Generative AI and Future of Digital Engagements

Combining AI voice with generative AI into powerful solutions will revolutionize the digital experience across industries. Adding the audio aspect to something like ChatGPT is critical when you consider creating engagements that are truly inclusive to all humans. Just text or audio-based conversations leave out those with seeing or hearing impairments.

At Veritone, we believe in the democratization of AI. To achieve that in the application of these advances in AI, we need to combine capabilities into powerful, inclusive solutions. It will make engaging with a brand less obtuse and monolithic and activate a whole world of possibilities, from chatbots and customer service solutions to entertainment and fan or customer engagement opportunities, breathing life into the digital.

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