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A Lifelike AI Voice Solution: Highlights of What Veritone Voice Accomplished in 2022

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  • Veritone Voice won multiple awards and received countless updates that offer users greater control and capability.
  • The VocaliD acquisition further enhanced Veritone Voice's capability by streamlining the complexity of voice creation.
  • Key partnerships with Cameo, Stats Perform, and the creation of Veritone Voice Network, offer tangible business opportunities through AI voice and synthetic content to reach wider audiences and unlock monetization opportunities.

Veritone Voice had quite the year. The solution won 7 awards and received multiple updates and enhancements due to key acquisitions and partnerships. As we begin the new year, we’ll walk through some of the most exciting updates we’ve made with Veritone Voice so you can start taking your capabilities to the next level this year through the content and monetization opportunities AI voice presents.

Deepfake Voice Technology Continues to Advance in Capability

Veritone Voice, a lifelike AI voice solution that allows content creators and owners across industries to create, distribute, and monetize synthetic voices securely, received key updates in 2022 to offer users even more flexibility and produce the most natural-sounding AI voices for their projects. Some of these updates include the following:

  • Improved efficiency for Voice Model Creation: Veritone’s acquisition of VocaliD in June of 2022 enables more efficient development of robust, high-quality voices to enhance Veritone Voice’s scalability and time-to-market.
  • New Voices and Languages: 140+ new stock voices, 70+ premium voice artist models, and 25+ new languages available, including Albanian, Arabic, Mongolian and Nepali.
  • Tailored Experience with Lexicon: use your own dictionary of language so that voice outputs recognize custom terminology.
  • Advanced Feature Updates: Intonation is a shortcut for pitch adjustment that allows the user to drag points on a timeline where they want the pitch to go up or down and with editing. Users can edit text post-clip creation with built-in auto-save to “pick up where you left off” for frequent users.
  • Speech-to-speech (STS) Enhancements:
    • Veritone’s STS offering is fully integrated with Respeecher, the Emmy Award winning voice conversion and voice cloning engine provider and creator of the synthesized young Luke Skywalker’s voice for Disney+’s The Mandalorian.
    • STS clip creation is available within the Veritone Voice application. Once the voice model is generated, the authorized user can create STS clips.

In addition to these key updates to the Veritone Voice application and service, we also landed key acquisitions and partnerships that further extend AI voice's opportunities. From streamlining the AI voice process without sacrificing quality to new revenue opportunities, Veritone Voice provides tangible business endpoints that can help grow and reach wider audiences.

Key Acquisitions and Partnerships Extend AI Voice Opportunities

Vertitone acquired VocaliD, adding even more robust voice models, vocal adjustments, and audio mixing features while reducing the complexity, cost, and management time in creating a voice model. VocaliD’s voice matching and blending technology has been awarded prestigious commercialization awards from the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health and has deep scientific roots in Founder and CEO Dr. Rupal Patel’s research at Northeastern University. Dr. Patel and the VocaliD team joined Veritone’s Commercial Enterprise division, adding expertise and capabilities to engineering and customer success.

We also launched Veritone Voice Network, a multilingual custom AI voice solution and podcast monetization service that combines synthetic voice creation and AI translation services to localize podcasts and grow ad revenues and audiences. With this new technology offering, podcast networks can now lean into new languages with their content to reach international markets authentically without compromising the voice identity of podcast hosts. We are working with well-known names in the entertainment industry through this new program, including:

  • Kevin Connolly, Doug Ellin, and Kevin Dillon, all known for their work on the hit television show Entourage, to develop and monetize their Spanish voice models.
  • David Meltzer, host of The Playbook podcast, to develop and monetize his Spanish voice model.
  • The Chad & Cheese podcast, an Ohio-based podcast production and network hosted by Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman, to develop and monetize their French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese voice models.

Speaking of reaching new audiences, we recently partnered with Stats Perform and Alan Smith, famed footballer, and commentator, to bring localized play-by-play audio descriptions at scale. What does this mean exactly? Well, with this partnership, fans can now:

  • Receive voice-enhanced commentary for automated match previews, recaps, player bios, and play-by-play commentary.
  • Choose the audio content that first their preferences from language to voice type.
  • Offer the visually impaired or those with a reading disability access to sports content.

Now, through AI voice, passionate fans can hear real-time game updates from former players, commentators, and pundits, such as Alan Smith, on their phones or computer in their local language. Veritone Voice allows commentators to enhance and personalize fan engagement and even bring their unique voice and cadence to several concurrent events in multiple languages.

Lastly, we recently announced our partnership with Cameo Kids. Cameo Kids provides brands and IP owners with next-level personalization for its customers, with the opportunity to now enhance videos at volume and scale with Veritone’s AI-voice platform for personalized birthday, holiday, and inspirational messages. New Veritone-powered voices initially include those from Moonbug – Blippi, and CoComelon’s JJ, Cody, Cece, and Nina – as well as an animated Santa Claus powered by Mindshow.

With all of these new capabilities, we’re excited about all the growth our customers will achieve in 2023. To learn more about Veritone Voice, head over to Veritone Voice or contact our team directly.

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