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Meet the New Generation of AI Voice


In Aug. 2022, Veritone announced a new update to our multi-award-winning application Veritone Voice, which includes an exciting integration and groundbreaking enhancements that will elevate the artificial intelligence (AI) voice industry and offer brands, content creators, and publishers the most powerful and versatile voice solution on the market.

Since Veritone Voice’s launch in 2021, the application has attracted thousands of users wishing to generate synthetic voice clips within a wide range of environments like consumer broadcasts, advertising, audio descriptions, podcast localization, and metaverse activations. Veritone Voice has also won five marquee industry awards, including recognition from the American Advertising Awards, the Media Excellence Awards, NAB Show’s 2021 Product of the Year, Best of Show: Radio World category at IBC 2022 and Speech Technology magazine.

Regardless of these accomplishments, there was no time wasted in looking for ways to improve the next generation of Veritone Voice. In line with our mission to pioneer the industry’s top solution, this enhancement took shape in building more tailored experiences with features like Lexicon, fully integrating additional speech engines including VocaliD and ReSpeecher, and the addition of new voices and languages.

Meet our new roster of voices

The new generation of Veritone Voice offers over 70 premium voice-over AI models, some of which might sound familiar. Veritone Voice premium voice-over talent includes:

  • Anne Ganguzza
  • Carin Gilfry
  • Randy Hahn
  • Judy Fossum
  • Terri Nicole
  • Malik Rashad
  • Ian Russell
  • Bev Standing
  • Ashante Timoll
  • And more

Brands and application users aren’t the only parties benefiting from this blossoming partnership between AI and voice-over artists—it’s opening doors for talent and content creators as well.

“Stock voices are great for many projects like training or academic materials. When it comes to projects such as audio descriptions, scene narration, and radio imaging, a more humanistic voice should be used. And that can be the AI voice of a professional voice-over artist. It’s a winning setup for modern voice-over artists and content creators,” shares Bev Standing, professional voice artist and original TTS voice to TikTok. “My AI voice provides additional revenue streams that can work for me while I’m away or doing other jobs. There’s room for both, and Veritone is the steward for protecting our AI voice and ensuring proper licensing.”

Enhanced voice capabilities

“As the AI voice market continues to gain traction, it is becoming increasingly important that the voices being generated sound and feel hyper-realistic. And to take that a step further, the tone of these voices—such as being happy, somber, or promotional—needs to be taken into account and managed. Bottom line, in today’s world, monotone digital-sounding voices simply won’t cut it,” explains Sean King, senior vice president and general manager of Veritone’s Commercial Enterprise.

According to King, the latest version of Veritone Voice was built with voice enhancements that empower content creators and brands to work with more articulate, genuine, and nuanced AI voices for their audiences across podcasts, broadcast-quality productions, the metaverse, and more.

The new generation of Veritone Voice includes:

  • 70+ new voices and 15+ new languages (including Albanian, Arabic, Mongolian and Nepali)
  • Increased voice model creation quality, efficiency, scalability, and time-to-market thanks to Veritone’s recent acquisition of VocaliD
  • Lexicon, which enables customers to use their own jargon and terms so voice outputs can recognize their custom terminology
  • Speech-to-speech (STS) integration with ReSpeecher, the Emmy Award winning engine provider known for creating young Luke Skywalker’s synthesized voice for “The Mandalorian”
  • STS clip creation within the application—no need to depend on managed services
  • Advanced built-in intonation features and upgraded editing abilities

The cherry on top? All these voice enhancements work in tandem with the ability to control and manage the entire voice creation lifecycle while working seamlessly with third-party AI models for ultimate ease of use, efficiency, and scalability.

Interested in learning more about how Veritone Voice can take your AI voice production to the next level? Request a demo to see and hear Veritone Voice in action.

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