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How AI Voice Is Revolutionizing the Film Industry

Vicotria dickson

Victoria Dickson, Product Manager


In this blog, we’ll cover:

  • What AI voice is
  • How Veritone Voice provides filmmakers, producers, editors, and talent with ethical voice cloning
  • How the film industry can utilize AI voice for improved production, greater accessibility, and new opportunities for voice talent

In recent years, the film industry has witnessed a remarkable transformation with the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, particularly with AI voice (also known as synthetic voice). This groundbreaking innovation has opened up new possibilities for filmmakers and voice talent alike—revolutionizing the way these teams create, deliver, and edit spoken content for the big screen.

Hollywood is harnessing the power of AI voice to not only automate tedious tasks, but to accelerate creativity, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in terms of content creation and revenue generation. Previously, the use of AI in the media and entertainment industry was something out of the science fiction genre. However, with the advent of actual AI voice tools, such as Veritone Voice, the industry is now capable of achieving greater feats both on and off the screen.

What Is AI Voice?

Before diving into how the film industry can utilize this AI tool, it’s important to understand what it is. In a nutshell, AI voice replicates human speech using AI algorithms and deep learning. It enables the conversion of text into speech or even the transformation of one speaker’s voice into the sound of another speaker’s voice.

This cost-effective technology offers various benefits to brands and creative teams, including accelerating content creation, facilitating multilingual content development, resolving audio problems in post-production, and much more.

Although AI voice offers a vast range of benefits for the industry, it’s important to keep certain ethical considerations in mind, especially when it comes to the use of someone’s voice.

With Veritone Voice, it's possible to create consent-driven custom voice clones that sound hyper-realistic and can tailor these voices to fit their exact needs—all without violating the rights of the talent or the estate or IP owner of that voice.

How Can the Film Industry Leverage AI Voice?

The integration of AI in movie production has propelled the field into a new era of innovation and possibilities. Here are some notable examples of AI’s impact on the film industry:

AI Voice and Voice Clones

Whether using pre-existing voice models or creating customized ones, AI voice opens up a world of possibilities in the realm of content creation and communication. AI is streamlining the post-production process, enabling faster editing and expanding audience reach.

It allows for the use of AI-powered voiceovers in scenes with lost or corrupted audio and facilitates hyper-realistic AI dubbing to localize content into different languages—optimizing how teams use additional recording time and resources.

Enhanced Accessibility

AI voice plays a crucial role in creating greater accessibility for visually impaired individuals. Through AI, the creation of audio descriptions becomes faster, more efficient, and more accurate, allowing audience members who rely on audio descriptions to enjoy a richer experience.

This enables production teams to generate more accessible content, reaching a wider group of consumers that may have been previously excluded and garnering greater audience engagement.

New Opportunities for Voice Talent

AI voice technology opens up new possibilities for talent and content creators to optimize their time and explore additional revenue streams. By authorizing an AI voice clone, actors, brand ambassadors, athletes, and celebrities can save time while working on multiple projects.

Additionally, AI voice and digital humans provide opportunities for creators to revive legacy talent and manipulate characters' ages. With the help of Veritone Voice and similar platforms, filmmakers can now bring back legendary talent to play new roles or lend their familiar voices to archival footage. This not only pays tribute to the rich heritage of cinema but also opens up new avenues for storytelling and nostalgia-driven projects.

Last Thoughts

Present-day AI technology like Veritone Voice possesses extraordinary capabilities that surpass what we have witnessed in beloved science fiction movies and television series. However, AI is not merely a plot device; it has firmly established itself as a practical tool with commercial appeal, market value, revenue-generating potential, and, notably, the capacity to unlock newfound creativity that was previously untapped.

To learn more about how Veritone Voice can benefit your brand or creative team, contact a team member today.

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